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It comes as a surprise to many that inert gas is probably the highest cost consumable in welding, second only to the cost of filler wire. More important then, that control is exercised when inert gas is used in weld purging. The most efficient purge systems minimise the use of inert gas.

HFT® Trailing Shield® system design is such that gas used is carefully controlled. There is virtually no loss due to leakage and turbulence.

Argweld® Trailing Shields® are designed for high quality gas coverage of titanium and stainless steel during welding to prevent oxidation and weld defects.

They will fit any make of TIG (GTAW) or plasma (PAW) welding torch for manual or automatic welding, on flat sheet or plate and the outsides or insides of tubes or pipes. For pipes and vessels the radiused versions for welding from the outside are manufactured to suit all diameters from 1 inch and upwards.

Key Features

  • Unique Clip Design: Shield body can be changed over to a different size without the need to remove the clip from welding torch.
  • For manual and automatic welding use.
  • Gasket is resistant to temperatures up to 230ºC.
  • Eliminates the need for a purge enclosure.
  • Lightweight.
  • Brighter, shiny, oxide free welds.
  • Low cost replaceable silicone side strips.
  • Allows faster welding.
  • All shields fit all sizes of TIG/ GTAW and MIG/ GMAW torches.
  • Sized versions for OD pipe and tube welding.
  • Argon hose entry can be configured from the right or left hand side or top of the Trailing Shield®.
  • Flat Trailing Shields® also available for sheet and plate.
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