Furick Cups

Furick Cups are setting the standard for TIG welding cups with their outstanding gas coverage. They really are the "go to" cup for all things TIG Welding. The wide variety of cups means that there is guaranteed to be one for every job, even aluminium and titanium!

They come in different sizes in both pyrex and ceramic versions. The cup itself has amazing gas coverage which allows for the tungsten to be stuck out and weld in those tight corners.

We are the largest stockist of Furick cups in the UK and Europe. We have been working alongside Furick in the USA for many years. Our knowledge of these cups and welding in general is impeccable so if you have any questions just give us a call.

When ordering cups to fit your existing torch, it is important to guarantee that you get the correct products to get your welding done quickly and properly.

#17 #18 #26 torches

This torch is a bulkier torch but can handle more amps then a #9 torch, The #18 size torch is a water cooled #17. You can identify that you have 17/18 or 26 torch by the size of the standard collet body. The overall length is 1.875 inches or 47mm. You will need a #17 kit to run our furick cups, as this will shrink your torch consumables down to a lighter more manoeuvrable torch.

#9 and #20 torch
These torches are usually purchased as an upgrade, or come standard with water cooled machines under 300 amps. They are a lighter, more manoeuvrable and widely used in the aftermarket automotive industries and lightweight materials production. You can identify by the stock collet bodies and cups are about 1 inch or 24 mm in length. With this torch you will need a 45V44 gas lens to run most of the furick cups.

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