Furick Cups

When ordering cups to fit your existing torch, it is important to guarantee that you get the correct products to get your welding done quickly and properly.

#17 #18 #26 torches

This torch is a bulkier torch but can handle more amps then a #9 torch, The #18 size torch is a water cooled #17 , You can identify that you have 17/18 or 26 torch by the size of the standard collet body, Its overall length is 1.875 inches or 47mm. You will need a #17 kit to run our furick cups, as this will shrink your torch consumables down to a lighter more maneuverable torch.

#9 and #20 torch
These torches are usually purchased as an upgrade or they come standard with water cooled machines under 300 amps. They are a lighter, more maneuverable and widely used in the aftermarket automotive industries. As well and light weight materials production. You can identify by the stock collet bodies and cups are about 1 inch or 24 mm in length. With this torch you will need a 45V44 gas lens to run most of the furick cups.

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