Miller XMT 450 MPa Pulsed Multiprocess MIG Welder - Powersource only

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Portability and excellent arc performance make the XMT® family the most popular in the industry. The XMT® 450 MPa offers built-in pulse programs for standard steels, high-strength steels, and aluminium.

Ideal for the following applications: Construction, Shipbuilding, Railroad, Truck/trailer manufacturing, Fabrication, Repair shops, Rental fleet, and Power generation plants.

Key Features

  • 14-pin receptacle - has the flexibility to be used with spool guns, feeders, and remote controls.
  • Optional 115-volt auxiliary power - provides 10 amps of circuit-breaker protected power for coolant systems, etc.
  • Optional Welding Intelligence™ system - XMT CC/CV and MPa models are Insight-capable to monitor weld voltage, amperage, and arc-time and percentage.
  • Adaptive Hot Start™ - makes starting stick electrodes easy without creating an inclusion.
  • Infinite arc control - available in the stick and wire modes for easier fine-tuning of tough-to-weld materials and out-of-position applications.
  • Lift-Arc™ - provides arc starting that minimizes contamination of the electrode and without the use of high-frequency.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology.™ - Internal air flow that protects electrical components and PC boards from dirt, dust, and debris… greatly improving reliability.
  • Unique case design - helps protect internal components from dirt and dust. To connect the input power cord and/or set the unit up for correct input power, remove the easy-to-handle panel (1/3 case). The remaining two-thirds of the case never needs to be removed!
  • Process selector switch - reduces the number of control setup combi nations without reducing any features.
  • Ultra-tough, polycarbonate-blended cover - protects front controls from damage.
  • Primary voltage display - shows what primary voltage the power source is linked for without removing the sidepanels. Saves time and assures you that the power source has been correctly linked for available input voltage.
  • Auto Remote Sense™ - enables unit to automatically use remote control if connected to remote control receptacle.
  • Advanced arc control - enables an improved pulse welding arc. The operator has more control over puddle and bead characteristics using SharpArc. In addition, the unit provides a more robust and stable arc at a very low arc length, reducing heat input, and providing the ability to weld on a wider range of material thickness.
  • SharpArc® - controls the arc in pulsed MIG mode and gives total control over the arc cone shape, puddle fluidity, and bead profile. If a gas is used other than what is listed in the chart above, SharpArc can be adjusted to help customize your arc to the gas being used. Lower SharpArc settings widen the arc cone, increase puddle fluidity, and flattens the weld bead.
  • Built-in pulsed MIG programs - provide reduced heat-affected zone, weld in all positions, great for thick-to-thin metal, good gap-filling ability, and faster travel speeds and deposition. See the table below for the wide range of pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) welding applications the XMT MPa models can handle.
  • Each Miller welder comes with a comprehensive 3 year True Blue Warranty.
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